Wide Format True Shape Nesting

Introducing the New tilia Griffin

A cross-platform layout nesting program built specifically for wide format & digital corrugated printers.

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Save Material with Automated Ganging

Minimize material waste and save time by ganging jobs on like-materials with intelligent true-shape nesting.

CSV Integration

Quickly automate tilia Phoenix with data from your website or business system using CSV spreadsheets. 

You Make the Rules

Insert specifications, group products together, gang projects by similar substrates, or add logic with custom nesting rules. With tilia Phoenix, you set the standards.  

Production Marks

Add camera marks, text, and configurable barcodes to automate production with digital finishing tables. Output cut files as PDF, DXF, and ZCC. 


Ensure perfect registration when working with two-sided artwork. Rest easy knowing that auto-synchronization keeps artwork and production marks aligned. 

Smarter Estimation with Cutting Table Integration

Get real-time cut estimates using the Zünd Cut Center IoT integration. Imposition A.I. will optimize layouts for the best cutting times. 

IoT Integration

Fill a sheet with the click of a button. Add new items by dragging and dropping them into the user interface. 

Zünd IoT Integration
Industry Standard Production Marks

Add production marks wherever you need them. Insert your own customized PDF or Scriptable marks for added dynamics.  

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Discover how A.I.-driven software can revolutionize your printing business.

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Ready to Learn More?

Discover how A.I.-driven software can revolutionize your printing business.

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Estimate and plan for retail signage

With out-of-the-box CSV import, quickly ingest thousands of line items from retail RFQs and review estimates in seconds! 

Copy & Paste

Copy and paste data straight from your own files — CSVs, Excel files, or HTML. Save CSV import settings as presets for your common RFQ formats. 

Import Entire CSV RFQ
Reduce Days Down to Minutes

Never spend days getting retail spreadsheets ready for a quote. Just drag and drop the data into tilia Phoenix and get the estimates you need in just a few seconds. 

Watch Our Retail Case Study
Watch this Corrugated Case Study

Evaluate Digital Versus Conventional Die-Cutting

Input conventional die-cutting costs like die cost, makeready, and press time. Compare with digital cut time estimation to derive the most cost-effective production routes.

Estimate Cut Times

Create layouts that optimize cut time by using tilia Phoenix IoT integration with Zünd Cut Center. 

Import Structural Designs

Create flawless plate layouts easily by importing PDFs, CFFs, or DXFs. Preserve settings such as step-and-repeat, parameters, sheet and board sizes, and varnish areas. 

Utilize Die Shape Detection

Find the perfect die shape by querying the die library with tilia Phoenix’s detection tool. Never worry about having to remake a die for a project ever again! 

Consider Cost-Based Nesting

Using advanced A.I. heuristics, Imposition A.I. will return the cost to print a job digitally and cut it conventionally, versus printing and cutting digitally. 

Connect Everything

Integrate with your existing business systems, websites, DFEs, and workflow tools in minutes.

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