Customers ❤️ Tilia Labs

See why they chose Tilia Labs as their imposition partner.

Our planning department now saves a huge amount of time and for customer orders many hours are being saved. We’ve got integration built up-front that feeds tilia Phoenix these demand orders so there’s no issues with data entry.

Willie Spindler
Programmer @ Inland Packaging

Within the first week of our trial we were sold. We were able to create print-ready layouts in Phoenix over three times faster than our existing solution. Since the switch to Phoenix, we have been able to simplify our workflow and reduce errors significantly during both pre-press and post-press.

Ricardo Reis
Pre-press Designer @ Cartonagem Cardoso, s.a.

For our customers, we are able to deliver faster, at a lower cost through automation and tilia Phoenix is a huge, huge part of that.

Michael Oakes
Head of Operations @ Citicom

Performance-wise, tilia Phoenix is better than anything else we have in house. It churns 10 gigabytes of PDFs per minute, which is quite fascinating. So far, we’ve been very happy.

Michael Koval
Software Engineer @ albelli

Within 15 minutes I was blown away by the speed, efficiency and flexibility that the software possessed. This led us to a trial of the software and within a few hours we were integrating it into our workflows and generating impositions. Our first live job was a combination form with 20 sku’s each with a front, back and neck for a total of 184 labels on the form all with different quantities. We were able to save about 3 hours just on this job alone.

John Gulino
Senior Director @ DWS Printing

Phoenix software is even better than I had hoped in real life.It is probably the best and easiest program I have come across in decades, that’s saying a lot since I have been in this world since 1989.We are building our bases for all the presses and pushing the software around quite a lot as our schedule allows.

Matthew Cutshall
Prepress Manager @ Sonderen Packaging

Phoenix stood out immediately from all the other imposition solutions we evaluated as the perfect fit in our HP Indigo folding carton workflow. This solution compares with the most expensive front end software out there but has a better interface for the multi-SKU complex digital print market. With Phoenix the cost benefit has been significant and many difficult, time consuming tasks are now automated, saving us hours of labor every day.

Ed Wiegand
Executive VP @ The MATLET Group

We’re now ganging in the region of 30 percent of our jobs, which as well as being more efficient and cost-effective, increases the overall production capacity of our equipment.

Diego Diaz
Workflow Architect @ The Bernard Group

We had so many different printer brands and models, each with its own RIP and software quirks, there were a lot of issues especially in the interface with the cutter. I wanted one single software solution for laying out and cutting that could work with all devices, so that there would be no more than one set of issues regardless of which machine the products were printed on.

Arturo Benjumeda
Graphics Manager @ The Big Display Company