If you’re thinking about automating your digital label production, chances are you’re headed to Chicago for the LabelExpo Americas Conference (September 13-15). Showcasing some of the industry’s latest technologies, the event promises a first-hand look at the solutions that will kick-off or enhance your digital transformation journey. Swing by the Tilia Labs booth (#5215) for a first-hand look at the industry’s first AI-driven imposition and planning solution.

Tilia Labs is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Esko. This alliance puts new levels of integration and functionality into the hands of current and new customers as our range of intelligent algorithms for sheet layout, estimation, and planning fully complements the Esko software suite.

Separately, Esko and Tilia have built solid reputations for innovative products and service. Together we deliver the industry’s most robust and comprehensive upstream digitalization capabilities to provide brand owners and converters with a tightly integrated workflow and value chain.

Our Solution

Automation is transforming nearly every industry; and printing is no exception.  Developed for packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format print sectors, tilia Phoenix is an AI-driven planning and imposition system shown to improve print job efficiency, production, and profitability.

Our AI technology provides fast and accurate decision-making based on material, due dates, and equipment. The results are measurable time and cost improvements including reducing material and ink waste by as much as 25%

Notable features include:

  • Automated step-and-repeat solutions for the label industry
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to swap artwork quickly and efficiently
  • Dynamic marks for personalization through variable data
  • Cost break down with advanced inks analysis – click or coverage based

Get Connected

Esko, Tilia Labs, and CERM will be side-by-side at LabelExpo. Together these organizations have created a complete and fully automated workflow – from sales inquiry and RFQ, through order confirmation, prepress order, and production planning to print production.

CERM MIS effectively captures, creates, and manages label order information and delivers the information to tilia Phoenix and Esko’s Automation Engine. Leveraging its imposition AI, tilia Phoenix navigates through various layout combinations to identify the most cost-effective imposition plan while feeding pricing information back to CERM. Esko’s Automation Engine pulls data from CERM to drive automation, apply parameters, and check files.

This tightly integrated solution accelerates production, advances efficiency, while eliminating errors, manual intervention, and redundancy.

Learn more in this video demonstration.

Enjoy the Show!

We invite you to stop by the Tilia Labs booth to discuss your business and challenges. No appointment is needed – but if you would like to schedule a meeting, please follow this link.

Not going to the show? Contact us here to learn more about what’s new at Tilia Labs!

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